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ICF Convention

2020 Convention Update

In the last few weeks, members have had many questions and concerns regarding our 2020 ICF Annual Convention. First off, let me say that the health and well-being of our members is of foremost importance to the leadership of the Federation. Second, Rose Jarrett, the Convention Director, the Convention Committee, and the Central Council Executive Committee have had several conversations about what is the best plan moving forward. Finally, this will be the first topic of conversation at the next Central Council Meeting.

Here is what we know to date:

  1. Is the convention still be held this year? The short answer is yes. The convention does not take place until September, so any decision to cancel it now would be considered premature by the hotel. Rose has been in conversation with the hotel and given several updates to the Executive Committee. In California, Stay-at-Home orders only extend until late spring, and we do not know what will be the status of COVID-19 or health directives in future months. We have a contract with the hotel, which includes substantial fees for cancellation of the event at this point. Now, that being said, the situation as we get closer to September could warrant a cancellation. It is just too early to make that decision right now.
  2. When will we have to decide on convention delegates? Your list of delegates and any letters from your branch requesting to be excused will now be due August 1. This is an extension. However, we do ask that you send in your delegate list with alternates as soon as possible for planning purposes. You can elect delegates in several ways, using absentee ballots, email, newsletters, or phone. The late fee for submitting your delegate list has been eliminated.
  3. Is the annual raffle still on? The annual raffle is still on. There will still be a drawing. Contactless fundraiser that is vitally important to finances to the federation and local branches. Please, push this fundraiser and sell as many tickets as possible. The financial health of the Federation depends on this major fundraiser. Remember $10 now stays with the branch and could be useful branch fundraiser.
  4. Will we have a yearbook this year? Of course. Our annual year/souvenir book is a great way to record and celebrate the history of the Federation. We encourage you to still send pages in for the year book. We want to see all those happy faces of family and friends. The deadline remains the same.
  5. What about awards? Will we still be having awards this year? Of course. We still want to honor those who do go work. More information will be presented in the future. All deadlines remain in place.
  6. Will we still be able to offer by-law proposals to the Federation? Yes, please submit by the current April 30 deadline.
  7. Will we hold elections to Central Council? Yes, elections to Central Council will be held this year. All deadlines remain in place. More information will follow on the process as the situation dictates.

It is all our hopes that the country is able to steer clear of the COVID-19 threat in upcoming months and that we are able to gather together at our annual convention. Not only is it essential to the business of our organization, it is a time of rejuvenation, a time to catch up with old friends, and a time to worship together.

Vincent Piro
Grand President

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